Bethesda Springs & Waterfall

Stonehill Cottages resides in the area known as "Bethesda Springs."   The area was named Bethesda Springs due to the multitude of naturally occurring springs in the area.  In addition to Bethesda Lake,  Stonehill Cottages is the home of two naturally occurring piped springs that are truly a magical part of Stonehill Cottages.  You are welcome to enjoy the springs in person.  Contact us to find out the exact location of the springs so you can explore and locate them.  They are very easy to find and it is not a strenuous walk to get to them.   Please don't hesitate to reach out to learn more about the natural Bethesda Springs.  

In addition to the springs, there is a wonderful waterfall on the downstream side of the lake dam.  The waterfall is a great place for a picnic. It is a very tranquil location.  Please reach out us for directions to the lake, springs and waterfall.   We intend to publish a property map soon, but until then, please call/text for directions to these water features.  To view the waterfall, see the video below.

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