Bethesda Lake  (est 1925)

Bethesda Creek Swimming Area (private, on site)

Constructed in 1925 as part of a resort known at the time as Lake Bethesda Resort,  Bethesda Lake is a spectacular spring fed mountain lake that is now privately owned by Stonehill Cottages. It is CATCH AND RELEASE only.  It is located on Stonehill Cottages property and available exclusively for guests of Stonehill Cottages' recreational pleasure. The lake is spring fed by 13 springs in the bottom of the lake as well as 4 springs uphill from the lake.  Bethesda Lake is not open to the public and is stocked with a variety of fish species and has been widely known as a popular fishing spot for many years.  Yes you are welcome to fish in Bethesda Lake if you are a guest of Stonehill Cottages.  We purchased the lake on September 6, 2019 and are very happy to have it in the Stonehill Cottages family.  It is truly a local treasure.  To identify the precise location of the map or to use a GPS location to find it, click here -  Bethesda Lake Location

Another feature of the Bethesda Lake property is the piped springs that were captured in the 1800's.  There are two of these springs and they are truly naturally occurring mountain springs that have been captured and piped. These springs were widely known in the 1800's as having healing properties.  More information will be posted on the springs as it becomes available. 

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