Our Favorite Local Restaurants & Coffee Shops

Papa Pablanos 

Papa Pablanos is among our personal favorites in Mena! Our favorite dish is the chicken or beef fajitas.

La Villa 

La Villa is definitely a strong contender in the local Mexican food category. Our favorite dish here is the Ranchero Special (any variety of that dish)

American Artisans

A wonderful and unique eatery and art gallery. Located on Main Street, American Artisans is the home of the chicken melt sandwich that is to die for!

Suzy Q's Sweet Creams & Coffee

A "must do" coffee shop located on Main Street! Check it out at Suzy Q's Coffee Sweet Creams & Coffee.


Paisanos is a “from scratch” local Italian restaurant that is just 3.5 miles from the cottages - it will leave your tastebuds in utter shock and delight! Their pizzas are fabulous! A large pizza at Paisanos is very large and is enough to feed several people.  Their sandwiches are great as is the rest of their menu.  They also deliver. You cannot go wrong with Paisanos !

The Friendship House

At The Friendship House, they specialize in soups, salads, sandwiches and coffees! The Friendship House is quaint, cozy and is most certainly a “must do” as part of your experiencing Mena Arkansas! Go see them at the Friendship House while you’re in town!

The Skyline Café 

The Skyline Café is a favorite among locals and travelers. It has been an icon of restaurants in Mena for many many years. It has been in business since 1922.

The Branding Iron 

There is a fantastic steak to be had at The Branding Iron !

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