Local Attractions

Wolf Pen Gap Cabins

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Outdoor Activities

Fire Pits 

  • Enjoy time around the fire pits at each cottage

Hiking / Mountain Biking

  • Hiking and mountain biking are both very popular outdoor activities in our area. If you are into hiking, you won’t find a better place to visit than Stonehill Cottages! This area is loaded with countless hiking trails too numerous to mention in this section of our website. There are varying degrees of length and difficulty of trail surely to suit every skill level of hiker – from a young child to the most advanced of hikers.  



                        Orchard Trail  This trail is kid friendly and is not strenuous.  It is near the cottage location.  


                       Earthquake Ridge Trail   This trail is moderately strenuous. It is near the cottage location. 


                        River Corridor Trail  This trail is very scenic and overlooks the spectacular Cossatot River.

                        Ouachita National Recreational Trail  This trail is over 200 miles long and is very popular among serious hikers.

There are many more local hiking trail that can easily be found with a web search.  There are far too many local trails to list on this page. 


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